Why We Think You Should Elope

I never considered it for our wedding. When we got married in 5 years ago, no one was¬†eloping at Yosemite. My father-in-law even suggested to us, just after Alaina and I got engaged, that we should just plan a wedding where everyone hikes to the top of a mountain with a picnic and have the ceremony there. We laughed at him… I think out loud and most likely to his face. What a crazy idea! No, future Father-in-law, I will not ask my 85 yr old granny to climb Mt Rainier…
Now… I just laugh at myself and wish we would have listened to him.If you just got engaged, here are four of our many reasons to consider eloping instead of the traditional wedding day.

Saving some money. 
Weddings cost money. Lots of money. What if you are working on a limited budget? You could save all of that hard earned money and extend your honeymoon by 3 weeks. Now I know you are listening. All you need to elope is you, the person conducting the ceremony and the photographers. One of our favorite weddings to shoot was in an apartment living room. It was just Alaina and me, the pastor, and the couple (plus their little dog). They had their favorite record playing, and in the comfort of their home, they were married. It was romantic, special, beautiful, and ALL ABOUT THEM.Alaina has a whole list of other ways to save money on your elopements – including buying a dress second hand, or even buying one of BHLDN’s bridesmaid dresses. And for your flowers, you really only need a bouquet. You could even pick one on the way if you’re eloping in the mountains in the summer! But maybe this is for another blog post…Anyway, eloping, whether in the mountains, or in your backyard, will save you thousands of dollars.
Weddings and marriage are about intimacy. The commitment. Why not make your wedding day more intimate by only inviting the people that mean the most to you. The less the crowd the more intimate and special the moment can often feel. Scrap the 150-200 person guest list and make it 20. Pick that special location and make it about who it’s supposed to be about. You.Our advice? Have a huge party afterwards with all your people, camp out and make a weekend of it. We aren’t against the party a wedding brings. We just want you to actually have FUN!
Better photos
I know it is all about you and your commitment forever, but throw your photographer a bone. Eloping allows you to pick your favorite landscape, the location you first held hands or said “I love you”. It is hard to bring 150 guests to a sunset wedding right on a cliff but not 3 of you. Pick up that REI hiking pack, your wedding outfit and ‘shower in a can’ (another name for deodorant in Australia), get ready under a bush and you are good to go. Why not? The photos you will treasure for a lifetime, plus generations to come. How cool would it be for your great grandchildren to see photos of you eloping in the mountains together?

Skip all the drama, and tradition
Weddings come with great joy! Great planning and also…unfortunately, great drama. People get crazy when people are getting married. I don’t know why but there’s always one or many people intent on making your wedding all about how they feel. Not sure how your future mother-in-law will respond when asked to take on a small responsibility. Avoid it.. and just elope instead. So much of the weddings we shoot feel the same. The same sequence. Getting ready, family photos, the same style ceremony, cut the cake, the first dance, etc. Tradition is great. Nothing wrong with that but if you aren’t one for tradition, skip it. In our experience, elopements keep things on what is most important, the commitment between you two, rather than the traditional time line and wedding day schedule that must be kept on track!Are you considering eloping? Drop a comment below if you have any questions!


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