Flower Field Anniversary Session

Anniversary sessions have been my JAM lately! A couple gets to get into their wedding clothes and without all the chaos and stress a wedding day can bring, they get to relive those beautiful moments that happened long ago.

It’s so easy shooting a couple that’s been married a while. There’s just no awkward talk. Everything’s out on the table. Husband makes farting noises to make her laugh? Yep. Husband grabs that booty? Yep. They laugh like they have been through everything together?


We chose to go to a “flower field” that I had scoped out RIGHT BY their house. We didn’t have to go far for the perfect backdrop for them. Well anyway, turns out they weren’t really flowers, they were actually some type of plant that had gone to seed…haha but it was so perfect!

Shooting Elise + Seth was SO FUN. Hope you enjoy these photos as much as we do 🙂

Dress: Grace Loves Lace

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