Rebecka + Alex’s In-Home Engagement Session

THESE TWO. All. The. Heart. Eyes!

They got engaged here, at their home – in the little tree house in the backyard, while they were hiding from the pouring rain. Neither of them were expecting to get engaged in the middle of gardening, but to Alex, it just felt right. He ran inside to make some coffee for them, and also grab the custom designed ring he had made with his mother’s diamond.

When he came back into the sweet white tree house, he poured her a cup of coffee and she picked up her mug. Underneath the mug, there on the plate, was her ring. 🙂

For them…it was absolutely perfect. And it was so fitting to do their engagement session at the same place they already held such sweet memories. Now they can cherish them forever!

Photos by Andy 🙂



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